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At Real New Reviews, we’re dedicated to providing our audience with the best, most accurate reviews of trending products and services. We provide written reviews, video reviews, and comparison articles to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Our Mission

We make the buying process easier for you. We accomplish this by publishing thorough and thoughtful reviews on products and services that real people use everyday. 

What products and services does Real New Reviews cover?

We review a wide variety of new, trending products, services, and apps. Is there a specific review you’re looking for? Please contact us with your suggestion and we may cover it! 

Our Team

Jack Henson is founder and editor. Jack has a passion for product research and trending products and services. As a professional content creator and digital marketer, Jack is dedicated to developing high quality review content for readers.

Brooke Woodard is a contributing reviewer. Brooke is an avid reader and writer, and enjoying researching new products and services.

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