Vybe Pro Massage Gun Review

>> Is this Theragun Alternative the Best Massage Gun for the Price?

by Jack H., Editor and Review Contributor

Vybe Pro Massage Gun

In this Vybe Pro massage gun review, we’ll take a look at the new Vybe Pro massage gun and see if it’s the best massage gun on Amazon for the price.

The Vybe Pro massage gun is a new Theragun competitor that has quickly developed a strong reputation on Amazon. If you’re looking for an affordable deep tissue massage gun, this Vybe Pro percussion massager may be a strong option to consider.

Best Massage Gun for the Price?

Recently, massage guns, also known as percussion massagers, have surged in popularity as more people have discovered the vast benefits of massage gun therapy.

However, many name brand models can be pricey, costing upwards of $600. That’s why more athletes are seeking more affordable massage guns.

So is the Vybe Pro massage gun one of the best Theragun alternatives or Hypervolt alternatives? Let’s find out if it’s the best massage gun for the price.

The Vybe Pro arrives well packaged in a sleek, white box. Photo: Real New Reviews

What is a massage gun?

Massage guns, also known as handheld muscle massagers or percussion massagers, are handheld electronic devices used for percussive therapy. Percussive therapy is a form of targeted massage that uses rapid bursts of pressure (hence the name, “percussion”) on different muscle fibers throughout the body.

How does a massage gun work?

Massage guns use an oscillating massager head with a repeating, hammering motion to help loosen muscle tissue and increase blood flow to muscle fibers. The massager heads make quick, repeated contact with the body at a large enough amplitude, or depth, to reach and activate deep muscle tissues.

What are the benefits of using a massage gun?

There are many massage gun benefits including reduced workout recovery time and enhanced muscle tissue elasticity.

Deep tissue percussive therapy with a massage gun can help lessen inflammation and reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), muscle pain that begins a day or two after a workout. These muscle massager guns can even be used before a workout to aid in muscle activation.

Vybe Pro Massage Gun Carrying Case
Shown here: Vybe Pro Travel Carrying Case (included). Photo: Real New Reviews

Vybe Pro Massage Gun Review: A Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The Vybe Pro is a new massage gun offering from the company Exerscribe. The Vybe Pro is an upgrade over their previous model, the original Vybe massage gun.

The new Vybe Pro massage gun is equipped with nine speed settings, eight massage head attachments, and a three hour battery life.

What’s in the Box:

Vybe Pro Massage Gun

Vybe Pro Massage Gun by Exerscribe

The new Vybe Pro massage gun by Exerscribe is equipped with nine speed settings, eight massage head attachments, and a three hour battery life.

First Impressions

The Vybe Pro arrives well packaged in a sleek, zippered black travel case. Upon unboxing the Vybe Pro, you’ll find the massage gun, the wall charger, and the eight massage head attachments. 

The included carrying case fits all of the included accessories and is made of a quality, durable soft touch foam plastic material. Inside the case, there is an individual slot for each of the included massage head attachments to sit snugly.

The Vybe Pro case has individual slots to snuggly fit each massage head attachment. Photo: Real New Reviews

Strong and Durable, but Large

This Vybe massager itself is somewhat large and hefty, weighing about two pounds. It looks strong and durable, somewhat resembling a power drill. The black silicone wrap around the top and bottom are soft to the touch, and look a nice contrast to the massage gun’s silver body.

The Vybe Pro is very easy and intuitive to use. To turn on the Vybe Pro, just flip the switch on the bottom of the unit. To adjust the massage speed, use the up and down buttons on the side. The Vybe Pro arrived with a charged battery, so I was quickly using it only moments after unboxing.

The Vybe Pro includes eight massage head attachments, designed to stimulate different muscle tissues on the body. Photo: Real New Reviews

Percussion Massager Attachments

The Vybe Pro includes eight different massage head attachments, including five plastic heads and three metal heads. The detachable therapy massage gun attachments come in different shapes, each one designed to stimulate and massage different types of muscle tissues.

My favorite attachments were the large foam ball, which worked well for me on my shoulders and feet, and the plastic fork shaped massager, which is an excellent back massager attachment.

To change the massager heads, simply pull out the current attachment and push in the new attachment head. These heads attach with a secure suction seal, which can take some effort and force to remove. 

How to Change Massage Heads

To change the massager heads, simply pull out the current attachment and push in the new attachment head. These heads attach with a secure suction seal, which can take some effort and force to remove.

I recommend cleaning the massage heads with a microfiber cloth after each use.

Vybe Pro How to Change Massage Head Attachments
Shown here: Vybe Pro instructional manual. To change the massage head attachments, pull out the current attachment and push in the new attachment. There is no groove, as shown here. Photo: Real New Reviews

Massage Speed Settings

The Vybe Pro uses a brushless electric motor to deliver 33 pounds of percussive force at nine different speeds, ranging from 1,800 to 3,400 strokes per minute. The Vybe Pro massager head oscillates at an amplitude (depth) of 12 mm.

For this Vybe Pro review, I used the massage gun at lower speeds (usually from 1 to 3), and found that to be plenty of power to break up muscle knots and aid in muscle recovery. 

However, higher speeds were not uncomfortable to use. The rapid strokes of the higher speed settings smoothed out the percussive motion, which could be useful for treating smaller muscle groups on the body.

Vybe Pro Massage Gun Speed Settings
To adjust the speed of the Vybe Pro, use the buttons on the side to cycle through the nine speed settings. Photo: Real New Reviews

Noise Level

The Vybe Pro has a noise level of sixty decibels, which is approximately the loudness of a normal conversation between two people. So while audible when in use, the Vybe Pro is probably not loud enough to be very obnoxious or intrusive to those in the room with you.

In fact, I found the muted sound of the oscillating motor somewhat calming. The massage gun noise shouldn’t be loud enough to disturb others in the room, like when watching television together.

Battery Life

The Vybe Pro has a claimed battery life of three hours. And while some users have claimed real use battery life closer to 90 minutes, I’ve been overly impressed by the Vybe Pro battery life.

In fact, one full charge has lasted me several weeks of daily use. This extended battery life makes the Vybe Pro a good portable handheld massager for the gym, office, or even travel.

The Vybe Pro has a three hour battery life and is charged with the wall charger (included). Photo: Real New Reviews

Ease Muscle Tension

Although I am not an elite athlete, I do carry a lot of tension in my shoulders. Using the Vybe Pro with the foam ball massager head on a lower speed setting (1, 2, or 3) provided great results for me.

After using the Vybe Pro for the first time, the next day I immediately noticed results with an overall lower amount of tension through my shoulder muscles. I’ve since used the Vybe Pro daily on my shoulders and continue to see daily improvement.

Best Massage Gun for Plantar Fasciitis Relief?

Additionally, the Vybe Pro is an excellent handheld foot massager. If you’re looking for a massage gun for plantar fasciitis, the Vybe Pro can be used for plantar fasciitis relief to massage the bottom of the foot and calf.

For this use, I prefer to use the included metal cone massager head. With the Vybe Pro, I’ve successfully been able to reduce muscle tightness in the foot, heel, and calf muscles.

The Vybe Pro works well as a handheld foot massager, ideal for plantar fasciitis therapy. Photo: Real New Reviews

The Best Theragun Alternative?

If you’re looking for a personal percussion massager without the high price tag, the Vybe Pro (Amazon) is one of the best handheld muscle massagers I’ve ever used. The low price makes this portable massage gun a terrific Theragun alternative.

Compared to top name brands like Theragun, the Vybe Pro offers compelling quality and is clearly one of the best massage guns for the price. When compared to the price of a single massage, the Vybe Pro offers tremendous value for high quality massage therapy you can perform at home.

I especially recommend this deep muscle massager as one of the best percussion massagers for athletes, including CrossFit athletes and strength training athletes who may see enhanced benefits from reduced workout recovery times.

Vybe Pro Percussion Massager
Overall, I've been pleased with the quality and value offered by the Vybe Pro massage gun. Photo: Real New Reviews

The Best Message Gun for You?

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a gym beginner trying to get into shape, a massage gun may help you prevent muscle soreness from workouts and increase your recovery time. 

While massage guns may not be quite as beneficial as a professional massage, the convenience and portability of a handheld percussion massager make this a worthy purchase for most athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone seeking to reduce muscle tension or tightness.

Watch the Vybe Pro Massage Gun review video:

Vybe Pro Massage Gun Review: Final Thoughts

After researching many different brands, I’ve found the Vybe Pro to be one of the best massage guns on Amazon for muscle soreness and muscle recovery. 

So if you’re looking for a massage therapy gun at a lower price point, the Vybe Pro is an excellent, affordable alternative to name brands like Theragun and Hypervolt.

Ready to purchase your own Vybe Pro? Buy this massage gun on Amazon here.

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