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Saucey vs Drizly: Best Alcohol Delivery App for Beer, Booze, Wine?

>> Drizly Review + Saucey Review: Alcohol Delivery Service Comparison

by Jack H., Editor and Review Contributor

Drizly vs Saucey Alcohol Delivery Apps

You want booze and you want it now, dammit. Well, there’s an app for that. With many people spending more time indoors this year, there has been a sudden surge in popularity for new alcohol delivery services offered by alcohol delivery apps. So what’s the best alcohol delivery app?

Right now, there is an alcohol delivery war being waged between top booze delivery competitors Saucey and Drizly. What’s the best app for getting liquor, quicker? In this Drizly review and Saucey review, we’ll share what we think is the best alcohol delivery service. First, some basics. 

What are liquor delivery apps?

Same day alcohol delivery has arrived. Need a red wine delivered for tonight’s dinner party? Or just want your favorite bourbon without the hassle of getting out of your pajamas? Just like Uber Eats, Postmates, and GrubHub deliver food, you can use a booze delivery apps Drizly and Saucey to get alcohol delivered now. These are truly amazing times, friends.

Are booze delivery apps legit?

Yes, both Saucey and Drizly are legitimate, licensed alcohol delivery businesses with thousands of customers. The Saucey app and the Drizly app are both solid options for liquor delivered to home.

I prefer bourbon and whiskey. Can I order whiskey online?

Yes. Both Drizly and Saucey offer a wide variety of spirits, including bourbons and whiskeys, with same day delivery. These selections often include many bourbons, and varieties of whiskey, including Irish whiskey and scotch. You can also get other liquors delivered, like gin, vodka, rum, and tequila.
Saucey vs Drizly: Best Liquor Delivery
Now you can get your favorite liquor and mixers delivered straight to your door.

Can I also get wine delivered to my door today?

Is there wine delivery near me? With Drizly and Saucey, the answer is yes. These alcohol delivery services are not just limited to beer and hard liquor. Looking for same day wine delivery? Or maybe you need champagne delivery for an impromptu celebration? You’re in luck! Drizly and Saucey offer fast wine delivery for red wine, white wine, and even champagne.

What’s about beer delivery near me?

If you need more than liquor delivered to your home, both Drizly and Saucey serve as some of the best beer delivery apps. Both alcohol delivery apps .

Can I get wine and liquor delivered as a gift?

Yes. Need a last minute gift idea? Sending a bottle of wine, champagne, or liquor as a gift to a friend with alcohol delivery is a nice way to show you care. Remember, your friend will need to show their ID when the alcohol is delivered since purchase of alcohol by or on behalf of persons under 21 years of age is prohibited by law in the United States.

Is 24 hour alcohol delivery available?

Not yet. Saucey’s delivery hours are Monday through Thursday from noon to 11:45 PM, Friday and Saturday from noon to 1:45 AM, and Sunday from noon to 10:45 PM. Drizly’s delivery hours are based on their retail partners. However, Drizly’s customer service hours are Sunday through Wednesday from 10 AM to 1 AM EST (next day).

Is alcohol delivery available near me?

Alcohol delivery apps are growing steadily and serving many populous cities and regions of the US. However, not all areas are just yet available for getting liquor and wine delivered fast to your door.

See if Saucey Delivers Alcohol to Me.

See if Drizly Delivers Alcohol to Me.

What is Drizly’s service area?

Headquartered in Boston, Drizly’s alcohol delivery service is available in many large cities. Drizly delivery zones include New York City, Austin, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Jersey City, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis/St Paul, Nashville, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, Portland, Providence, Raleigh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St Louis, Tampa, and Washington DC. 

Is Drizly alcohol delivery available in Canada?

Yes! Canadians can also order wine and liquor same day delivery to their door without leaving their pajamas. Drizly’s booze delivery service is now available in Canada, in locations such as Edmonton, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Calgary.

Can I get alcohol shipped to me if I’m out of the Drizly delivery service area?

Yes. Drizly recently introduced Drizly Shipping, which ships wine and liquor to your door. They estimate that orders are shipped in 2-3 business days. Drizly can ship to these states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington.

What is Saucey’s service area (Saucey delivery zones)?

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Saucey’s alcohol delivery service is available in many large cities. Saucey delivery zones include Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Orange County, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and Washington DC.

How long does alcohol delivery take?

Alcohol app delivery usually takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours. We can all understand wanting to get booze delivered to your door in a hurry. Saucey estimates a 30 minute delivery time, while Drizly expects deliveries to take about an hour. However, this may vary based on your location and from the retail partner where they’re picking up your order.

>> How Alcohol Delivery Works: Our Drizly Review

To see how the alcohol delivery apps work, we placed an order for bourbon and gin on the Drizly app on a Saturday afternoon. To get started we downloaded the Drizly app on our iPhone through the App Store. You can also order directly on the Drizly website.

Drizly Order Alcohol Online
Drizly’s website makes it easy to place an order. Photo from

After placing our order on the website, we received an order confirmation via email. You can then track the status of your order in the app. 

After ordering, you can track the status of your alcohol delivery in the app.

The pricing is approximately what you might expect to pay at an average liquor store. With Drizly, the additional fees depend on the liquor store you’re ordering from. 

Bourbon’s on the way! Text updates let you know when to expect your delivery.

Ta-dah! Our liquor has arrived. Our delivery person was pleasant and friendly. The total delivery time was approximately two hours for us in New York City. That’s higher than Drizly’s estimated one hour delivery, but understandable due to current world circumstances.

Drizly Order Knob Creek Bourbon and Bombay Sapphire Gin
Knob Creek bourbon and Bombay Sapphire gin are ready to par-tay!

Note: Although the overall process was easy and positive, we did have one small complaint with our Drizly experience. Drizly sources its products from nearby liquor stores. Unfortunately, when placing your order, Drizly doesn’t allow you to see which stores carry certain products. 

This is annoying because ordering products from different stores results in a “split order”, which is usually more expensive. This is more of a small annoyance, and something we haven’t seen in many other Drizly reviews, but something we hope Drizly will improve in time.


Headquarters in Los Angeles.

  • $5 OFF first order promo.
  • Offers liquors, wines, and beer.
  • Serves primarily California and major cities.
  • 30 min delivery time.
  • Also offer cigarettes and cigars.
  • No delivery fee.

Saucey: Who’s It Good For?

Instead of relying on local liquor stores, Saucey hires their own team of couriers, like Uber Eats and Grubhub. This gives the Saucey app a distinct advantage in providing shorter delivery times. Saucey beer delivery in half an hour? Yes, please!

Plus, it’s hard to beat free delivery fees! Additionally, Saucey is a good option for fast cigar delivery or fast cigarette delivery, offering many different brands of cigarettes and cigars to add to your Saucey order. 



Headquartered in Boston, MA.

  • $5 OFF first order promo code: DRIZLYDEAL.
  • Offers liquors, wines, and beer.
  • Serves many large cities.
  • Estimated 1 hour delivery time.
  • Also offers mixers and ice.
  • Delivery fee may vary.

Drizly: Who’s It Good For?

Drizly’s big advantage is availability. Drizly is available in many large markets, making it the more accessible booze delivery service for more people. Additionally, Drizly offers more than just alcohol, including ice and a variety of mixers. 

However, because Drizly gets its products from nearby liquor stores, the overall ordering process is likely not quite as seamless as ordering from competitor Saucey. Still, most Drizly reviews we’ve seen are positive.


What’s the best alcohol delivery service?

So what is the best alcohol delivery app? Drizly and Saucey are both quality, growing alcohol delivery services and it’s difficult to name one best alcohol delivery. However, we think the shorter delivery times and no delivery fees give Saucey the advantage. Unfortunately, due to limited Saucey delivery zones, Saucey may not be available near you at this time. 

We recommend giving either of the services a try if you’re in need of convenient booze delivery straight to your door. And please, remember to tip your alcohol delivery worker! 


Final Verdict: Is Alcohol Delivery Worth It?

It depends. For those not wanting to venture out to their liquor store, delivery is an easy option and probably worth the extra price.

These booze delivery services are undoubtedly incredibly convenient, and I predict that we will continue to see these alcohol delivery services grow in future years. Especially during peak seasons, like around Christmas and the Superbowl, I’m willing to pay for the luxury of liquor and beer delivered to my door. 

If Drizly or Saucey are available in your area, we think it’s worth giving either a try.

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